We exist to offer you beautiful healthy hair

At Amy Michelle’s we love to play with colour and cuts, but we will never take your hair from mousey brown to bleach blonde in one sitting!! Firstly, you might just be a brunette and let’s sit with that, and secondly, we will not allow you to damage your hair.

Your hair is alive people! It is a living growing thing. Ok well the hair you see it isn’t alive anymore, it is dead cells BUT tiny blood vessels at the base of every follicle feed the hair root to keep it growing.


At Amy Michelle’s our team are here to help you look after your hair. We do this through our many in house service offerings and our for-sale product offering. Like your skin we believe taking care of your hair should be 30:70, 30% what we can do for you in salon and 70% how you take care of that beautiful mane at home.
So, let’s talk treatments shall we:

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